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About Us

About Us

bitify.site are Specialist on the BTC trading market. We capitalise on the market trend to make our profit for our Investors. Our collective consists of many programmers and professional BTC traders. Each of us surely knows and understands what BTC trading is and how it works. Our goal is to be one of the best trading companies in the world in the coming months. We are not here to start and close our activities in a short time, but to develop a sustainable company with high financial sustainability and low investment risk.

Welcome to our Company

bitify.site is officially and legally Registered in the United Kingdom. Our purpose is to make cryptocurrency mining easy and available for everyone, without purchasing and installing any special equipment at your side. Our service allows to rent capacities for Bitcoin mining, while all the maintenance, adjustment and control are carried out by our specialists. State-of-the-art-equipment is being used, designed especially for the mining field. We wlcome all Investors around the globe to join and earn in this wounerful platform with us.
bitify.site is officially Registered in the United Kingdom with an incorporation Registration Number: 10984031. Our Head office is located at 49, Mount Street, Bradford, BD3 9SW, UNITED KINGDOM. We welcome all New members to our community where your future is more guaranteed with maximum earnings on your Investments.

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  • 49, Mount Street, Bradford, BD3 9SW, UNITED KINGDOM
  • Phone: +44 1223 92 6898
  • Email: admin@bitify.site